Ice Maiden_1

About three months ago I scanned some pages from my sketchbook. Ya know, just for fun. This particular image is from a pencil sketch I did of the DC superhero Ice Maiden. Since the scan came out kind of faded I “inked” it in Photoshop and then colored it in. Now it looks complete doesn’t it?

I just decided to post this because it happends to fit in well with the whole “winter” theme from last week. Besides, I always thought Ice Maiden was a lot cooler than Iceman- cuter too. A comic book enthusiast will no doubt point out that her name was changed to simpy “Ice” a while back. However, I’ll stick with the name “Ice Maiden” because, well, “Ice” sounds kinda stupid for a superhero name don’t ya think? This is also my favorite costume design for her. Her orginal costume was pretty lame (-_-;).

Next week- hopefully- I’ll continue the “Making of The Moon Moth graphic novel” series. Until then, stay well everybody.