Part Two B: Sketches

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We pick up from where we left off last week with more sketches! I start with very loose sketches which may amount to no more than simple shapes. From there I progress to more complete designs. As it turned out some  character designs were subject to change up until the final inking! We’ll deal with… Read more.

The Making of The Moon Moth into a Graphic Novel Part Two A: Sketches

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Hello all, we will now continue the series “The Making of the Moon Moth into a graphic novel”. You can scroll down for the last installment. You may notice that in that post I mistakenly refered to this series as weekly. But in my defense it is a rather long title to write down every week… right? Ahem. Moving on:… Read more.

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 I’m pleased to find many positive reviews of the Moon Moth coming in. Here’s one excerpt I particularly liked: Ibrahim has done a wonderful job illustrating, laying out, translating (as it were) and pacing Vance’s original work. The whole design ethos is as crisp and clean as Vance’s prose. Those so inclined may read the… Read more.

This is the cover to my very first graphic novel The Moon Moth! It is being published by First Second books this Spring. If you’re at all a fan of classic science fiction then you would’ve no doubt encountered the work of Jack Vance. I had a lot fun adapting this fascinating short story. I also learned a lot along the way. My intent was to create an experience distinct yet faithful to the source material.

The book goes on sale this May (presumably to coincide with my birthday :P). You can enter to WIN a free copy at GOODREADS.COM. The contest ends on April 15 so there’s still plenty of time for you to enter. If you wish to preview some of the pages feel free to click here.

And finally, my graphic novel adaptation of The Moon Moth has been awarded “A Junior Library Guild Selection” for Spring 2012! This is a great honor and I’m very excited about it. For your convenience, you may click HERE to learn more about the Junior Library Guild.

And please visit this site again as I will be making it a point to update more often; I have post-it notes everywhere just to remind me (lol). Think in terms of days instead of months this time. See you soon.