I’m back… kinda

I apologize to anyone wondering why I hadn’t been updating. Well, I’m actually in China right now. Yup, pretty far from my native US of A.

First impressions? Well, the city I’m in is huge! The weather’s nice and with the summer approaching will sure to get nicer still. They don’t seem to be as… “uptight” with their traffic laws here- lol. That said, I hear there aren’t many accidents. In fact, I felt a lot safer crossing the big intersections here than I do back home in Brooklyn!

I’m loving it here so far. Unfortunatly, accessing WordPress is near impossible, I don’t know why. But fear not, I will find a way to continue sharing my art with you. In fact, I’m working on a couple of new graphic novels. Before the year is out I hope to have at least one of them serilized on this blog- for free!

So please be patient with me. I’ll continue to update as often as possible. And feel free to post comments with your suggestions, or questions. I’ll actually be able to read them. Bye for now, I hope we can all meet here again soon.

BTW, you may have noticed that I try to include an image with all my posts. When next I update I’ll be sure to find a way to do that. Maybe I can even upload some pictures of the city I’m in too. I think it’d be fun to have you try to guess where I am. Everyone loves guessing games, right? Right? (^ ^;)

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