Character Sketches 3

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Last installment of this short series of character sketches (scroll down the main page for the first two). I particularly like the way this head shot came out. Would’ve been a fun character to continue drawing methinks. Oh, and I’d like to tell you about a recent adventure of mine. It’s a little off-topic so… Read more.

I was once going to do the art for this graphic novel. It was a science fiction story about a girl living in a very fast paced future world. I did a bunch of prep-art for it, character designs, environments, etc. The story world was interesting and coming up with visuals for it was a lot of fun.

Alas, the author never finished the script. Instead of working on this story the author wrote a completely different one which has since been published. Ah, the fickle artistic temperament.

Well, I still have my sketches for memories. Oh, what might have been…