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The Making of The Moon Moth into a Graphic Novel Part Two A: Sketches

Hello all, we will now continue the series “The Making of the Moon Moth into a graphic novel”. You can scroll down for the last installment. You may notice that in that post I mistakenly refered to this series as weekly. But in my defense it is a rather long title to write down every week… right? Ahem. Moving on:

My next step was to type out a script. I worked from both my thumbnails as well as the actual short story. I wanted to keep as much of the original dialogue as possible. Of course, the script was subject to revision later on.

So, at this point I now have an idea of how the story will progress visually. I also have a rough idea of how the principles will look like. I can now begin the next step in earnest: sketches!

Sure, I had Vance’s text to work from but his descriptions also left a lot of room for creativity. I particularly enjoyed designing the various masks and costumes. Here are some of the early sketches.


Feel free to leave comments or questions. I will continue this next week (promise) with A LOT more content. Until then stay well, friends.

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